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Summer Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 5 Tips

Utilizing Summer Real Estate Marketing Strategies

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, it’s important to utilize the best summer real estate marketing strategies! The vibrant season brings with it a surge in activity and a dynamic shift in buyer interests that any real estate agent must be keenly aware of. This understanding of the seasonal ebb and flow is instrumental in effectively harnessing the power of the summer real estate market. Our business, which specializes in real estate marketing, thrives on capturing and showcasing properties in their best light, literally!

But before we delve into the strategic depths, it’s crucial to comprehend the current market dynamics and the ever-evolving inventory landscape in Calgary and surrounding cities. It’s no secret that Calgary’s market can fluctuate and we must quickly adapt to these changes. Armed with this knowledge, you and Sona Visual can leverage the unique aspects of the summer season.

In this blog post, we aim to dissect five summer real estate marketing strategies designed to not only enhance your listings but also amplify their reach to the right audience. Through these strategies, we’ll explore how to utilize social media platforms for seasonal promotion, implement innovative tools such as 3D tours to beat the heat, leverage professional photography combined with home staging, emphasize outdoor features in your listings, and lastly, target local social media users.

Each of these tactics plays a pivotal role in creating a comprehensive, effective, and dynamic summer real estate marketing strategy. So, whether you’re a realtor, property manager, commercial client, or homeowner, these strategies are primed to offer you an edge in the highly competitive summer market. Stay with us as we embark on this journey to boost listings and maximize your real estate potential during the sun-soaked months ahead. Let’s dive right into these hot summer real estate marketing strategies!

Summer Real Estate Marketing By Sona Visual

1. Utilizing Social Media Platforms for Seasonal Promotion

With the sun’s arrival, it’s time to let your listings shine brighter and farther through the power of social media platforms. They serve as the perfect way to connect with local homeowners in a more relaxed, personal manner. Our first summer real estate marketing strategy is all about leveraging these platforms for seasonal promotion and growing your followers with local homeowners.

Imagine your local community buzzing with anticipation as you announce a summer giveaway! Not just any giveaway, but one that is brilliantly aligned with both the season and the interests of homeowners. Picture a shiny new BBQ set or a cozy patio set finding its way into a lucky follower’s backyard. Such a giveaway does more than just garner attention – it fosters connection, builds excitement, and resonates with your audience in a meaningful way.

Moreover, the potential of social media for summer real estate marketing strategies doesn’t end with giveaways. Social media is a powerful marketing channel to announce exclusive summer real estate deals. For instance, you can offer complimentary marketing for new listings. This package can include a power-packed combination of professional photography, videography, aerial footage, and even a 3D tour. Bonus points if you work with us; Sona Visual!

This strategy is a win-win for both parties – homeowners receive professional real estate marketing services, and you get to expand your reach and potential client base. When executed effectively, these seasonal promotions can do wonders for your summer real estate marketing strategies. By connecting with your audience in a seasonally relevant, valuable, and engaging way, you’re bound to see your listings sizzle this summer. Remember, the summer sun is high, and so are the opportunities for your real estate marketing success!


Social Media Summer Real Estate Marketing Strategies - picture of a phone with social media apps showing

2. Beat The Heat with 3D Tours

As the summer heat intensifies, innovative and convenient methods of showcasing properties gain importance. The second of our summer real estate marketing strategies involves leveraging the power of technology. With Sona Visual, you can beat the heat by offering 3D tours of your listings, using sophisticated technology platforms such as Matterport or iGuide. This strategy not only provides a unique viewing experience for potential buyers but also offers a host of benefits.

Buyers can view properties from the comfort of their home
The first advantage is simple yet profound – convenience. Imagine allowing potential buyers to explore a property from the comfort of their own home. They can virtually walk through each room, inspect features, and get a feel for the space without ever stepping outside into the summer heat. This immersive experience can significantly enhance a listing’s appeal, making your summer real estate marketing strategies even more effective.

Buyers can see the property even out of the city
Another significant benefit of 3D tours is their ability to break geographical barriers. It doesn’t matter if a potential buyer is across the city, in another province, or even in a different country. With a 3D tour, anyone, anywhere can explore your listings in detail, as if they were physically there. This feature broadens your pool of potential buyers, giving your summer real estate marketing strategies a far-reaching impact.

Only serious buyers will want a showing
Lastly, 3D tours are excellent time savers. By giving potential buyers a thorough understanding of a property before they step foot in it, you ensure that only the most interested parties request a showing. This feature streamlines the process, saving time for both the buyer and the real estate agent, and making the entire sales process more efficient.

Sona Tip: Embracing 3D tours in your summer real estate marketing strategies means staying ahead of the game, offering added value, and making property viewing a breeze, regardless of the summer heat. As we navigate this digital age, leveraging such technology can propel your listings to new heights. Book your first 3D tour with Sona, and get 10% off!

iGuide vs Matterport3. Summer Staging and Professional Real Estate Photography

One cannot overstate the importance of aesthetics when it comes to real estate marketing. Particularly during summer, when nature is in its full bloom and the golden sunlight adds an alluring charm to everything it touches. This is where the third strategy of our summer real estate marketing strategies comes in – combining professional real estate photography with savvy summer staging.

The Power of Professional Real Estate Photography
The brilliance of professional photography lies in its ability to capture and enhance this summer magic, creating visually stunning images of your listings. At Sona Visual, our experienced photographers and skilled editors are experts at creating high-quality exterior and interior shots that pop with vibrant summer colours.

Such captivating images have the power to draw potential buyers in, encouraging them to book a showing and explore the property further. The potent combination of summer beauty and professional photography can make your listings stand out, giving them an edge in the competitive real estate market.

Summer Staging for a Welcoming Ambience
While professional photography captures and showcases the beauty of a property, strategic summer staging sets the stage for buyers to imagine their life within it. Incorporating summer tones and season-specific furnishings in your staging can create a light, airy, and welcoming ambiance. This effort can appeal to potential buyers’ preferences and help them visualize the property as their own.

What’s more, Sona Visual can take this a step further with virtual staging. We can digitally introduce furniture and decor into your property images, completely eliminating the need for physical staging. With virtual staging, you can showcase the full potential of your property without investing in actual furnishings, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution.

By integrating summer staging and professional real estate photography into your summer real estate marketing strategies, you can enhance the appeal of your listings, attract more potential buyers, and increase the chances of securing a successful sale.

Outdoor exterior shot during the summer by Sona Visual.

4. Emphasizing Outdoor Features in Your Listings

As we delve deeper into the realm of summer real estate marketing strategies, we find the unique power of outdoor features in attracting potential buyers. Summer is synonymous with outdoor living, and showcasing the exterior aspects of a property can significantly boost its appeal. One incredible tool to accomplish this is aerial photos and videos, a specialty service provided by Sona Visual.

Benefits of Aerial Videography and Photos
When it comes to capturing the full scope of a property and its surroundings, nothing beats the bird’s eye view provided by aerial videography and photography. The elevated perspective offers several distinct advantages:

Tour The Neighborhood
Aerial footage offers a comprehensive view of the neighborhood, giving potential buyers a feel for the community they may soon call home. It allows them to see the nearby houses, the level of privacy, and the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood. In essence, it provides them with a broader context that complements the details of the individual property.

Shows Amenities, Trails, and Parks Nearby
Potential buyers are not only interested in the property itself but also in what the area has to offer. Aerial footage can highlight nearby amenities such as parks, shopping centers, schools, and other points of interest. By showcasing these conveniences, you’re not just selling a property; you’re promoting a lifestyle.

Shows the Lot Size and Size of the Property
Finally, aerial footage provides an unmatched perspective on the property’s size and boundaries. It showcases the layout of the land, the size of the backyard, and the relationship between the property and its surroundings. This visual representation can be particularly beneficial for larger properties, where ground-level photos might not capture the full expanse.

Incorporating aerial videography and photography into your summer real estate marketing strategies allows you to present a fuller picture of your listings. It emphasizes the allure of outdoor living, a factor that’s especially influential during the sunny summer months.

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5. Target Local Social Media Users

The final approach in our lineup of summer real estate marketing strategies revolves around a tool we already discussed; social media. However, merely having a presence on these platforms isn’t enough. The true potential lies in strategically targeting local social media users to enhance the visibility of your listings and drive more engagement.

Stunning video reels and vibrant listing photos captured by Sona Visual are perfect materials for this purpose. They allow you to showcase the best features of your properties in an engaging and visually appealing way. But the real magic happens when you use these assets to run social media ads aimed at a local audience.

Imagine the residents of Calgary scrolling through their social media feeds and stumbling upon an ad for a beautifully presented property in their neighborhood. It catches their eye, they explore further, and before you know it, you’ve generated interest and potential leads.

By targeting local users, you can ensure your ads are seen by those most likely to be interested in your listings, people who live in or are looking to move to the area. This strategy not only enhances the reach of your listings but also boosts the chances of more visitors at your open houses and more requests for showings.

Social media platforms also offer sophisticated tools to refine your target audience based on various demographics and interests. These tools can help you reach the right audience, optimize your ad spend, and significantly enhance your summer real estate marketing strategies.

In the bustling and vibrant summer real estate market, standing out is key. By leveraging these summer real estate marketing strategies, you can make sure your listings are not just seen, but truly noticed. After all, a property showcased well is a property halfway sold.

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The Sona Standard

Let’s take your summer marketing strategies to the next level! We hope these tips help you out with your listings this summer, and that you learned about the benefits of working with Sona Visual for each tip. Get in touch with us today by email at [email protected] or by phone at (403) 980-9395. Let’s take your real estate business to new heights, even during a slower period!

Large home photographed by Sona Visual.