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Getting Started

Who Is Sona Visual

Sona Visual™ is a professional photography, videography, virtual staging, 3D tour, and measurement company providing services for the real estate industry in Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.
We specialize in providing quality services to enhance the visual presence for various properties; architectural, real estate, hotels, facilities, and much more.

Sona Visual™ also works directly with real estate agents in marketing and promoting their services.

Privacy Policy

Sona Visual, a division of Sonapix Inc, is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information provided to the company in the course of doing business. Any and all information provided to the company is strictly confidential and will not be sold, distributed, or disclosed to any third party or non-affiliated companies. Any information collected will be solely for the purpose of carrying out business services of Sonapix Inc. and meet the client’s needs. More information on Sonapix Inc.’s privacy policy can be found by clicking here.

Terms + Conditions

Please review our Terms & Conditions before ordering any services from the website. If you have any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions, please contact us. You can find the full Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

Ordering Questions

How Much Does It Cost

Package costs vary depending on the package selected, the size of the property, and the extra features added to the service packages. All our service packages are performed at the same high level of quality, regardless the size of the project. If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer and the prices for each service, please contact us.

How Far Ahead Do I Need to Book

We usually ask you give us at least 48 hours of notice; more if requesting a video production. However these are only suggestions. With first time clients it may take longer to get the paper work done, however with client’s we have previously worked with, we are able to streamline the process and can accommodate almost any reasonable requests (given the availability of our photographers).

Changing or Cancelling a Booking

There will be a $50 fee, or 20% of total package price; whichever is greater (including all travel costs if applicable) applied to cancellations made less than 24 hours notice prior to session time.

Turnover Time

The time it takes to complete the product depends entirely on which package is selected. Our photo packages are usually completed within 24-48 hours, with rush delivery services available if desired. Video packages range between 2-7 business days; with smaller packages generally 2-3 business days, and larger package 5-7 business days. If you need a project completed urgently, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you, subject to availability.

How Do I Get Billed

There are two options for billing offered to clients. You may either pay in full before the commencement of the project, or a 50% deposit before commencement, with the remaining balance at delivery. If you would like to discuss alternative arrangements, please speak with us.

Production Questions

What if the Weather is Bad?

We are locally based, so we will usually have an idea of the weather before we decide to proceed with production. If you are not contacted with a date change request, you must change the booking within 24 hours notice so we may reschedule for a more appropriate day.

How Should I Prepare the Property

Sona Visual’s team has prepared a ‘Prepare Your Property’ package that is sent to all our clients before the shoot date. We ask you review the guide, and follow the appropriate suggestions before the photographer arrives at your property.

What if the Property Owners Are Home

That is totally fine, but we ask the owners clear the rooms or locations when the shoot is in production. This helps ensure efficient production and minimal distractions, so that the shoot can finish in an appropriate amount of time.

Making Changes to the Video

You will be given the opportunity to approve the video before it goes public. Our order forms ask enough information that we are usually able to complete the videos without any changes requested on the client end. You will however be given the opportunity to request ONE non-fundamental change in the production before the video goes public (Only available for specific packages). Additional changes will be billed at $150/hr (minimum 1 hour).

Post Production Questions

Where Do I Post/Share the Final Video

Sona Visual’s team has crafted a marketing guide that is constantly updated and sent exclusively to our clients. We want to make sure, now that you have high quality digital imagery of your property, that you are able to market and promote it in the way it was meant. This guide will include where to post online, how to share, and other ways of marketing your property. Please ask us if you are interested in receiving the guide. 

Can I View the Media on Mobile Devices

Yes. All our work is optimized to be viewed both on PCs, Macs, and all mobile devices. We run our own servers to support all images we produce, and we rely on YouTube’s servers to support the distribution of our professionally produced videos. If you have any issues viewing any of our work on mobile devices, please contact us.

Our Services

HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range photos (no, no HDR does not stand for High Definition) is a technique that balances an even exposure. We take multiple shots of the same frame with low, medium, and high exposure and then combine them together to create an image that has a well lit exposure throughout. The benefits of this method is to avoid blown-out windows, or dark corners and result in a sharp, image that is accurate to what you would see with the naked eye.

Property Videos

Give your clients a tour of your property through a motion video tour. Our video production team has a keen eye to capture the details of your space and showcase it in a timeless and elegant video that you will be proud to show off. Increase the number of eyes that see your property.

Realtor Profile Videos

Meet new clients by introducing yourself to them through video. Let them see what makes you stand out from the crowd and how you can best help them with their needs. Our team offers realtor profile videos, customer testimonials, and realtor blog videos.

RMS + Floor Plans

Our commercial and residential measurement services are E&O (Errors & Omissions) insured and accurate, leaving you with a risk-free process. Using laser equipment and professional software, our methods are reliable and efficient. We measure to the RMS (Residential Measurement Standard) as set by RECA, and in accordance with BOMA for commercial properties.

Aerial Footage

Show off your properties with a higher and more impressive perspective. Using reliable and professional equipment, we are able to provide you with sharp aerial drone photography. Insured and certified with UAV/drone operations. Aerial packages are flexible and can be combined with other photo and video bookings. Images are delivered in MLS and print ready sizes.

Feature Sheets

Let us take one task off your hands by being your one-stop-shop! Choose any Feature Sheet from out 1, 2, and 4-page templates and leave the work to us. With premium quality images, Feature Sheets allow you to send buyers home with material that will help move them along the buying process.

Virtual Staging

Bring empty spaces to life and appeal to your buyers with welcoming images of your property. Staging vacant rooms is proven to reduce selling time, and increase property selling price. With virtual staging, you are still able to achieve the look of traditional property staging at a fraction of the cost and with much reduced effort.


What Platform Do We Post Our Videos

For our video production hosting, we rely on the world’s largest video content delivery network: YouTube. This provides our clients the largest amount of online exposure, plus the availability of automatic optimization for all devices.

Can I Play the Video in Fullscreen

Yes, you most definitely can. All our videos are shot in HD, allowing for a great visual experience when viewed in fullscreen mode.

Who Owns the Final Copy

The copyright for the work is owned by Sonapix Inc. The final form of the product is provided to the client, with permission to use it only in areas specified in the client agreement. Usually this would include any online marketing avenues to help promote the property.