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Social Media Content for Realtors

How to Take Your Social Media Content from Good to Great

Social media is a crowded, oversaturated online space. There are a lot of realtors posting the same old thing. Market stats, new listing posts, the usual. Despite all this, social media is still an invaluable tool you can use to build personal brand awareness, recognition, and relationships so you can stay top of mind.

It’s still very possible to succeed on social media as a real estate agent. And while we’re sure you have your own definition of success when it comes to your online presence, for the most part, a highly engaged audience and steady growth in your following are great signs you’re on track. And, unsurprisingly, the only way to achieve that is by posting GREAT content.

Here’s how to take your social media posts from good to GREAT and get your followers to stop scrolling!

Social Media Content for Realtors

Happy Clients on Social Media 

Seeing how happy you’ve made your clients upon closing is a huge reason WHY you do what you do, right? It only makes sense you’d want to celebrate it! They’re also overdone. Celebrating your clients is always a good idea, and if done well, can also

GOOD: Snapping a photo of the family in front of the property along with the caption “So glad I could help Joe & Jane find their dream home!”

GREAT: Make your closing post more memorable by including details about your clients, the transaction, and their new home. For example, you can include a caption along the lines of, “Joe & Jane are starting a new family, and unfortunately, their inner-city condominium just isn’t enough space for themselves, their two dogs, and a little one on the way. They’ve always dreamed of moving to a lake community, so we jumped on this brand-new build in Auburn Bay. Even better, their new home is now only a 10-minute drive to grandma’s, who is so excited to have her little one over for grandma and grandson bonding!” You can tag the clients, lender, builder, and anyone else involved in the transaction.

Sona tip: The above goes for JUST SOLD posts as well. Include as much detail as possible in your post to make it different from the million other JUST SOLD posts out there. Trust us, it’ll make a huge difference.

Social Media Content for Realtors

Community Service Posts

If you’re like most real estate agents we work with, you’re super involved in the local community. Sharing causes and organizations you care about is a great way to connect with people who hold these same causes and organizations near and dear to their hearts. And because you work in the real estate industry, it simply makes sense to make the community you live in a better one.

GOOD: Showing photos of your team in action.

GREAT: Focusing on the cause and why it matters to you personally and adding information about how the viewer can get involved, too!

Team Member Spotlight Social Media Content for Realtors

Team Member Spotlight

There’s a famous saying that goes, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And because you’re so hardworking and invest a great deal of time investing in your business, you’re likely spending a lot of time around team members who are doing the same. Why not show your appreciation for their dedication on social media?

GOOD: Posting a professional headshot of a team member, their first name, and sharing a little bit about what their role is within the organization.

GREAT: Posting a professional headshot and a photo of your team member showcasing something they love doing outside of work to make it more personal and to show that they are whole human beings. Then, you can discuss their role within the organization and how it helps your clients receive a better service experience. Finally, you can ask them to include a quote they resonate with, an interesting fact about themselves, or why they love doing what they do! Don’t forget to tag their account – just make sure that anything they’ve posted on their personal profiles is appropriate enough for their grandmothers to view as well.

Real Estate Statistics on Social Media for Agents Realtors

Market Statistics

As a real estate agent, sharing industry knowledge is key to earning trust online. Market statistics are just one way to flex your expertise. The problem is that every other realtor posts them, and the numbers mean virtually nothing to clients. In other words, they’re usually a snooze fest and don’t add value. 

GOOD: Posting the graphic image your brokerage provides you every month with a short, generalized caption of how the numbers illustrate why now is the best time to buy or sell. At the end, you include a sales-y pitch along with your contact information. At least something’s going up, right? (Wrong.)

GREAT: Fear not! Facts and figures are a great way to appeal to clients who primarily make “left-brained” decisions.

***Side note: The idea that there are right-brained vs. left-brained people is a myth. But for the sake of illustrating our point, we’re using the idea here.

If you’re going to include statistics in your any social media post, illustrate the impact of them on a potential client’s experience!

Social Media Content for Realtors

Feel-Good Posts

Post puppies, inspirational quotes, fun facts, and personal photos showcasing your hobbies or recent travels. These are all fantastic ways to break up all real estate talk, all the time. Your audience doesn’t want to be pitched to constantly online. They log on to social media to be entertained, inspired, and to learn something new. That’s why these feel-good posts do so well!

GOOD: Feel-good posts tend to perform well on their own. But for the most part, you’ll want to include a related caption and relevant hashtags with each one. Doing so attracts other social media users who aren’t normally seeing your real estate content.

GREAT: If you’re posting adorable pets, try to include a call-to-action as these types of posts tend to perform very well. For example, post a photo of Rover to your Instagram story. Then, encourage viewers to send a Reaction (whether it be a Heart or the Clapping Hands emoji). Close out with a promise that with every Reaction you receive, you’ll give him a treat!

When posting quotes, incorporate your own personal brand colours into your inspirational posts. You can do so by changing the graphic colours and text, effectively making your overall page look cohesive. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask your audience about themselves when you post about your hobbies or travels. For example, in your caption, you can ask them what their favourite outdoor activities are, or which countries they love travelling most. The sky is the limit!

The Sona Standard

Have you noticed a common theme in the GOOD to GREAT examples above? We know you’re brilliant and catch on quickly. But to emphasize our point, what makes a social media truly outstanding is specificity.

In fact, our belief is that any marketing done well requires specificity. Real estate photography and videography requires exact amounts of light and meticulous editing. Measurements and floor plans require laser-accuracy and should be errors & omissions insured.

Our shameless plug: You need trusted media and measurement professionals who understand the importance of specificity to handle your all your real estate marketing – whether that be managing your online presence of your property listing assets. Whatever you need, you can be sure your marketing is done well when you book with Sona Visual! To get in touch, please contact [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you!

PS – Did you find this blog post valuable? It would mean the world to us if you could share it with a colleague. If you’re hungry for more tips to elevate your real estate marketing game, feel free to follow us on Instagram @SonaVisual where we post daily!