Why People Still Want Printed Copy in a Digital World

The technological wonders of our digital age now give us the ability to bring products and services to clients at any time and into any location where there is an internet connection. The really surprising news in light of all this is that there is still a huge demand for hard printed copy, especially in relation to real estate marketing.

Appealing to the senses

There is still a strong requirement among potential clients to have something tangible and tactile to refer back to and show their friends and family. We are, after all, physical creatures and anything that appeals to our sense of touch and feel are likely to add a further dimension to our perception, and anticipation concerning the end product.

Although digital copies may only be a few clicks away, there is still the needs to locate, turn on a device, and then navigate to the specific online page or document. However the hard printed copy, is right there. The tangibility can be translated to something real and offers an enhanced perspective of the presentation

Benefiting from human psychology

According to the business leaders Forbes, a printed copy is much better at connecting with our brains. Through the use of eye-tracking technology, measurements in attention span and innovative questionnaires, a recent scientific survey uncovered some interesting and surprising statistics. The research has established that hard copy actually requires 21% less mental effort to process than digitally transmitted information. Brand recall was also more than a third up on a digital copy from 44% to 75%.

Without getting “too technical”, hard printed copy is seen to act on the ventral Striatum area of the brain to a greater degree than digital, and this is purported to increase desirability and valuation.

How your real estate business can benefit from a printed copy

The professional real estate media team at Sona Visual appreciates the huge impact that hard printed copy has on clients. Through open house distribution, direct client handouts, or even mail campaigns, our printed feature sheets can keep working on your behalf long after that first contact or client viewing.

Through our easy to use online interface, clients can choose from a range of templates to custom build a one, two, or 4-page feature sheet that includes:

  • Property address
  • Property listing price
  • Areas for property images
  • Property description
  • Property key feature and amenities lists (select templates)
  • Property size specs (select templates)
  • Realtor contact information
  • Realtor bio section (select templates)

Getting the most out of hard print copy

Sona Visual provides a wide range of media aids specifically for the real estate industry and we have a wealth of experience at your disposal. Contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable real estate marketing experts today and discover how hard print copy can increase your sales.

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