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Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Virtual Tours and Staging

Virtual tours and staging in real estate are an essential and cost-effective tool to implement. Technology is advancing at neck breaking velocity and it is an easy thing for businesses that are not keeping step to fall behind. Real estate is no exception and there has never been a time when so much advantage could be leveraged from new technologies, including virtual reality.

The reality is that while some common sense must come into play when making decisions about what is likely to be an individual’s most valuable acquisition, real estate buyers really want to like what they see.

What about Virtual Staging?

Staging offers another dimension in assessing how an empty interior space. However, it will only take you so far since you can’t show you clients a variety of styles. Imagine waving a magic wand and showing your prospective buyers how different styles of furniture would look in a home. That’s sure to influence their buying decision! In essence, that’s exactly what virtual staging does.

If you thought that achieving any of what is described above is beyond the realms of reality; you would be dead right. Well, almost right, because with virtual staging, you can create exactly that; a reality that includes your properties with furniture and other effects already in place.

Our virtual staging services offer a wide range of stock furniture and other household effects. Styles include contemporary, traditional, country, and many more. Further, our team of advanced editors can add furniture to vacant spaces, transforming form an empty house into a warm and welcoming home.

Virtual Tours: A Powerful Technology

Virtual tours and staging in real estate are great resources to convince and convert your buyers. Taking your potential buyers around a house without them actually needing to be there would also open up huge opportunities. You are saving time and eliminating unsuitable buyer to property matches. Matterport provides just that with a powerful 3D and highly immersive VR experience that is ideal for real estate marketing. Potential home buyers can virtually walk-through a space, without actually stepping foot in the home itself!

Apart from the ability to create virtual tours of properties, the system provides viewer interaction through feature points and full control using VR headsets. Facilitated via a special 3D Matterport camera, real estate marketers and their clients can benefit from a cost-effective VR option.

This offers clients the ability to visit properties without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Cost-effective VR solutions in real estate marketing

Time equates to money. And there is nothing more demoralising and costly than spending valuable time showing properties to mismatched clients. There are many benefits of this technology that aren’t instantly recognizable. However, the “weeding out” of disinterested parties is one of them. If viewers are able to discount a property for consideration before booking a physical viewing, it can actually be positive! It leaves the realtor free to then focus on those who the property better suits.

How we can help you

Sona Visual is the multimedia marketing specialists for the real estate industry. We’ve invested strongly in the very latest Matterport and virtual technologies.

By doing so, we can provide accurate and stunning looking 3D Virtual Tours and Virtual Staging for any property type. We provide an industry leading service at cost-effective prices. Take your real estate marketing up a notch and discover why Sona Visual is the choice of renowned professionals.

Contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable real estate marketing experts today. Discover how virtual marketing solutions can increase your sales!