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How to Use Feature Sheets to Highlight Unique Property Features

Feature sheets are a key marketing tool to implement in your marketing efforts. Unless you’re in the fortunate position of marketing the world’s first perfect property to a queue of ready cash buyers, you’ll need to up sell the property’s best features. Just as there are likely to be some features or aspects of a property that could “turn off” certain potential clients, likewise, there are bound to be other aspects that appeal to those very same clients.

Here’s how to use feature sheets to highlight the unique features of a property: 

Step 1: Identify the property’s unique aspects

Your business will have certain unique selling points, and the properties that you market will have some too. Identifying these unique aspects of each property, however, is related in part to your target market. For this reason, drawing out and marketing these features is not something that can be done in isolation. The end user or potential buyer has to come into the picture or you may end up shooting blind.

Why You Need Feature Sheets in 2019

Step 2: Match the right features with the right buyers

Once you’ve established what your potential homeowner is going to look like, you’ll be ready to match them with the features of your property. Are they couples, down-sizers, or growing families? After identifying which features are most likely to appeal to them, you want to employ the most efficient marketing methods.

Feature sheets are essential to convince potential buyers to make an offer on the property. Having a tangible “souvenir” from a property tour will make the experience a more memorable one. 

In addition, expert real estate photography has always been one of a realtor’s most effective marketing tools. It can also be used, however, to identify, and emphasize these unique aspects.

Step 3: Use high-quality photography and media services to promote key features

As a realtor, you have a ‘feel’ for the sellable aspects of each property you bring to the marketplace. Whether you do this consciously or not, it’s automatic. During the course of your appraisal, you are also likely to have certain type potential buyer in mind.

By identifying the unique aspects of the property in relation to the potential market, you are certain to increase both the speed of the sale and the possibilities of realizing the desired selling price. This is where high-quality real estate photography will really come into its own. Once you have identified key features, the photography and media professionals will be able to highlight those specific aspects and direct them to the potential market you have recognized.

When you insert these high-quality images in your feature sheets, your buyers are sure to remember the highlights of the home! 

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Working with Sona Visual

Sona Visual has a wealth of experience in all aspects of real estate promotion. We offer high-quality photography, multimedia services, stunning brochures and comprehensive feature sheets. Thanks to a wealth of industry experience and countless completed sales, we are the top choice for discerning realtors seeking to promote the key features of their properties.

To gain the maximum potential from the key features and unique aspects of your sales portfolio, you should take advantage of the professional photography and media services that Sona Visual offers.

Contact one of our visual media specialists straight away for a highly competitive quote.