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How to craft a competitive real estate video strategy in 2021

How to Craft a Competitive Real Estate Video Strategy in 2021

New year, new video marketing strategy! Over the last decade, video marketing has proven to be effective across all industries, and its impact in real estate can’t be ignored. Then, 2020 hit and video consumption skyrocketed thanks to our newly housebound lifestyles.

Between online streaming and social media profiles, video content has really taken over. From property tours to realtor testimonial videos, video is an effective medium used to inform, educate, and as 2020 has shown us, entertain. In fact, the average consumer spent 3.7 hours watching video content daily over the past year, according to App Annie.

But when there’s too much of anything, you’re likely to run into some issues. Perhaps the most interesting challenge for real estate professionals is the oversaturation of ads in the digital space. Real estate marketing is getting trickier! How can you make sure the right people are seeing your videos when social media algorithms display them to a select few? What will it take to gain a competitive edge in the current digital landscape?

We’re glad you asked. Below, we’re doing a deep dive into all the crucial elements you need to craft a competitive real estate video strategy in 2021!

Optimize to Maximize Views

While there are always new and notable trends in digital video marketing, it’s important to cover your bases. Whether you’re creating a classic property tour for your next listing or educational content for your social media followers, optimizing your video by maximizing metatags, descriptions, and titles will ensure you receive the most views. No matter trends come and go in the video marketing world, optimizing your videos for search engines ensures that you’re not wasting content potential.

How to craft a competitive real estate video strategy in 2021

Entertainment That Energizes

Marketing isn’t just about showcasing your services to buyers and sellers who need them immediately. It’s about continuing to stay top of mind for previous clients and potential leads, too.

Let’s face it – your clients aren’t going to be purchasing new homes every other week. But what they will do is keep you in mind for friends, family, and colleagues who are in need of your professional services. So, how do you continue to “sell” your personal brand?

Creating entertaining content that energizes your audience, of course! You can make vertical “reels” for your social media channels. These fun, bite-sized videos highlight your personality and you’re more likely to stay top of mind to viewers you can elicit a positive reaction from. Be honest about whether your video content energizes viewers or puts them to sleep, and then make changes accordingly.

Educate and Inform

Educational content has grown in popularity over the last few years. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being advertised to all the time, because we already are. Your viewers want to feel as if they are being offered more than just your services.

The best thing about educational content is that the sky really is the limit. Since you’re a real estate expert, you have a wealth of knowledge about the transactional process of buying and selling, our favourite communities in the city, home decor trends, and more! Sharing your passion will show your clients that you take your career seriously, plus they want to learn something, too. Plus, the most effective way to “sell” anything is by simply educating the consumer.

Creating educational content will ensure your audience keeps coming back for more. When you establish yourself as a thought leader, they’re more likely to trust your advice on anything and everything real estate related.

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Interactive Experiences

Although Matterport and iGuide technology is not brand new, realtors have seen the value of these digital solutions, especially in 2020 following multiple open house restrictions. These dynamic 360-degree visual experiences offer a way for home buyers to tour their next investment and sellers a way to get their property off the market while maintaining safe distances between both parties.

It would be a mistake to assume that 3D virtual tours are a temporary marketing solution in light of the restrictions. In fact, they’re prove to be a mainstay because they eliminate the need for commuting, are available on-the-go from mobile devices, and are open all day, any day.

Not only that, but these interactive marketing solutions offer a much-needed sense of control. After a rollercoaster year, viewers appreciate that they can tour homes at their own pace. It is the biggest purchase of their lives, after all. It makes sense that 98% of consumers say 360-degree videos are more exciting compared to other formats.

Variety Through Vlogging

There will always be time and place for refined professional video content. As long as your intention is to present your business in a professional manner, there is value in hiring a team of expert videographers.

But after an increase in media consumption in 2020, seasoned social media consumers have grown weary of extremely curated Instagram feeds and content that’s too … perfect. In fact, viewers are craving raw, unfiltered footage with real people, humanizing your brand and business.

So, how can you hop on this bandwagon, you ask? If you work with a team, encourage team members and staff to create content and “take over” your social media profiles. The more your followers can identify a familiar face in your messaging, then more they’ll trust your business. This trust is a huge advantage for your business as the mistrust of brands continues to grow.

The best part? Vlogging is an easy, DIY solution! It’s as simple setting up your smartphone on a tripod and uploading the “finished” video to your Instagram or Facebook Stories that disappear after 24 hours, or in a dedicated, labelled Vlogging playlist on your YouTube channel. Be wary that this raw, unfiltered content should be used sparingly, otherwise your audience may mistake these videos to be a standard of quality you abide by, which is a poor reflection of your business.

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How to craft a competitive real estate video strategy in 2021

The Sona Standard

There’s a lot that goes into a stellar video strategy. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what you could do. Our team of social media and video professionals can help you craft a video strategy that fits your business objectives, schedule, and budget. Get in touch with us at [email protected] so we can help you get started!