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How to Nail Your Next Real Estate Listing Presentation

How to Nail Your Next Real Estate Listing Presentation

Have a listing presentation coming up? Whether you’re a real estate rookie or a seasoned pro, the good old property listing presentation is an area of the business that needs constant improvement and updates. We have a few ideas on how to enhance your presentation – read on below!

1. Put your best foot forward in your listing presentation

It’s your time to shine! What makes you different from other realtors in your area? What’s your unique value proposition? The answer to this question should be presented throughout your listing presentation along with your career experience, accolades, and awards.

If you’re new to real estate, you can present ways that your skills and experience from previous positions can benefit the homeowner. Highlighting your brokerage’s reputation in the industry and past client testimonials will also help demonstrate your value to sellers.

Bonus: Feel free to send your future clients a pre-listing package that includes a questionnaire about the home, information about you, your guarantees, an overview of your real estate business, and more. Doing so will help a prospective client prepare for the interview, too.

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2. Case studies are everything

Data, facts, and figures will strengthen your presentation because they appeal to a homeowner’s logic. But if you’re not weaving them into a compelling story, you’ll lose out on an emotional pull that will finalize a seller’s decision to hire you.

If you’re presenting to seller after seller and still no dice, try adding a case study to your next presentation. And not just any old case study. Present one that’s similar to the homeowners’ current situation.

Maybe their home has been on the market for months and has received little to no offers. Or maybe the property has extremely unique features that just doesn’t appeal to majority of home buyers. Share a case study about how you’ve overcome similar struggles in the past. Doing this successfully requires getting to know the homeowner and researching the property, the community, and the current market – something we know you’re already awesome at!

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3. Don’t forget captivating visual content

We wish this could go without saying. Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed far too many listing presentations with irrelevant, low-quality media inserts to leave this tip out.

One of the easiest ways to spice up your listing presentation is to include amazing photography and videos from previous properties. You can also use that opportunity to talk about how these photographs and videos will enhance other marketing channels you’ll employ. Websites, snail mail postcards, open houses, and your social media platforms can all benefit from stellar media! Doing so will give you an opportunity to showcase your marketing style and at the very least, prevent your seller from getting bored.

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We’re confident you’ll nail your next listing presentation using these tips!

What are some other ways you can create a killer presentation? Share them with us on Instagram or Facebook. And if you need help creating incredible media that sells, chat with us at (403) 980-9395. Best of luck!