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Using Technology To Convert Leads Into Buyers

matterport3D, matterport

When you picture the home buying process of today, what do you see? Do you see a buyer driving around their favourite neighbourhoods, calling realtors from for-sale signs? Or do you see that same buyer using technology to find their ideal home? If you said number two – you are correct!

Recently, Google teamed up with the National Association of Realtors to conduct a study on the digital house hunt. This study found buyers watch videos on YouTube, check out property photos on websites and Instagram, they read realtor reviews online and even tour properties using virtual reality. Google dubbed this the Zero Moment of Truth, or “the idea that shopping is no longer about showing up […] at a brokers’ office or an open house”. If you’re interested in seeing how the intersection of real estate and technology are changing marketing plans everywhere, read on below.

Real Estate’s New Marketing Landscape

Using only traditional feature sheets and basic photography is becoming a thing of the past in real estate marketing. Realtors are embracing new technologies, in combination with traditional methods, to help increase their leads.

In fact, the current generation of renters, and tomorrow’s buyers, are Millenials. These tech-savvy digital natives are beginning their search for a forever home online. They want an understanding of the space before taking time out of their day to see it in person. Interacting with and impressing them with leading edge technology can build meaningful relationships today. Plus, it’s highly possible it’ll translate into a sale tomorrow!

The best way to leverage new technology is to work with professionals in the industry. Sona Visual, a leader in Alberta’s real estate marketing, is a one-stop-shop armed with the latest breakthrough technology for real estate marketing. Gone are the days of having to walk through multiple properties. Buyers will make time for the few properties they are willing to make an offer on.

In summation, technology such as Matterport 3D can save buyers’ time and money.

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What is Matterport, you ask?

Matterport 3D is a system that allows a trained technician to create an interactive, immersive, digital dollhouse of your property. This allows realtors to host a 24/7 open house of their property. Buyers are provided with a quick and easy way to view multiple properties without spending a dime on gas. Matterport is introduces 97% more leads and keeps potential buyers on site three times longer.

Furthermore, Matterport includes a feature called Mattertags which provides context to spaces. These low profile tags do not interrupt the feel or flow of a space. However, it does allow users to read annotations about the space. High efficiency double-glazed windows? Use a Mattertag! High-end Wolf appliances? Use a Mattertag! These can improve engagement and boost return visits to your website and property listings.

Buyers can be more selective about which properties to visit. Matterport provides a true-to-life understanding of the space and how it functions. This can make the purchasing process more fun and interactive for buyers, and save a lot of time for realtors.

Virtual Reality is the New Reality

Matterport is not the only new technology on the scene. Smartphone technology improves minute-by-minute. With Samsung and iPhone virtual reality headsets, applications for these continue to grow.

Up until recently, VR was primarily used in the entertainment and gaming industries. Nowadays, VR headsets transform smartphones into immersive, 3D, life-sized environments that allow buyers to walk through properties – virtually.

Rather than guiding a prospective client to a website with only photos, buyers have a 24/7 open house. To achieve this, buyers can view a Matterport tour on their device. They’ll feel like they’re actually there! It doesn’t matter whether a home is 5 minutes away or 5,000 kilometers away. This can open up leads on a national or international level for local realtors.

To summarize, realtors and homebuyers are all very busy and aware of time and money. 92% of homebuyers begin their search online. Leverage technology; strengthen your marketing plan, and close more deals. Don’t get left in the past!

To learn more about Matterport and Virtual Reality, or to book your appointment, call Sona Visual today.