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9 Tips for Creating Better Real Estate Listing Videos

Real estate videos are a must in the industry today, but creating well-executed property listing videos is definitely a skill that isn’t easy to master. As a realtor, you don’t have to go about this process alone. Work with a provider for the best quality results. Here are some of the steps that go into making  property listing video.

1. Storyboard and Highlight

The first step in creating any video, is to create a storyboard to flesh out the concept into more tangible action shots. The purpose of a storyboard is to outline each shot to help the crew members through the process of actually shooting the video. During this step, the main aspects of the video and highlighted messages, will be decided.

2. Lighting

The lighting in a video can be the difference between a quality production, and a video that looks less than professional. In general, dark spaces look small and light spaces appear larger. However, you don’t want your  lighting to be too bright or harsh. Natural light is always best. You can try filming at different times of day to see which type of natural lighting appears best. Our team is experienced with different lighting situations and can provide guidance and recommendations (for example, the best times of the day to shoot).

3. Stability

Potential buyers don’t want to see a shaky video. It will look poor quality, and not very professional. Sona Visual uses equipment to help stabilize videos, but shooting a stable video also requires some skill of the shooter themselves.

4. Wider angle lens

By using a wider angle lens, spaces appear bigger, and more open. Wider angle lenses also allows you to fit more into the frame, which is more desirable for real estate as potential viewers can see more of each room.

We share the benefits of wider angle lenses in this blog post, too.

5. Movement

Not all shots are created equal. The angle in which you shoot will make for a very different feel. There are many different options when shooting. The slide angle is a popular one for real estate videos. This means sliding from left to right, or right to left. The downshift is great for establishing shots or exterior shots. The zoom helps the viewer move through the space and get a feel for what the room is like inside. Lastly, the rotate is where a fluid tripod head will come in handy. This angle is when the camera rotates around the room to show a 360 degree view.

6. Editing

So you’ve shot your video, but now it’s time for editing. Editing should focus on improving the quality of the shots taken, rather than altering them. With proper editing, the viewer shouldn’t be able to tell the shots have been edited. Rather, the viewer should see a cohesive, well-thought video.

7. Text

Although in a property listing video, you want the visuals of the home to stand out, a bit of text can certainly add value. To introduce the video, include the realtors name and company as well as the address of the home that is about to be shown, or even some small property features are some instances where text could be used.

8. Uploading

Sona Visual uploads all home tours to YouTube, so that it can be easily viewed, accessed and shared. Our team will optimize the video for maximum value.

9. Links and info

Once your video is completed, your work isn’t over just yet. You want potential buyers to be able to find the property listing online so it’s important to include links and info in the downbar below the video on YouTube. Ensure that the link is correct, and working before publishing the video.

All in all, shooting a high-quality property listing video is complex and requires a lot of work. However, it is not impossible and with the right help, you’ll have a video you can be proud of. A well produced video can help yield high value offerings on properties and decrease market days. Our team would love to help you create a video that will increase your chances of selling the property faster, and more efficiently.

You can find more information on pricing on our real estate videos here. We can’t wait to hear from you! Let’s help you sell that listing!