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Why Branding Matters in Real Estate

Successful businesses all have one important thing in common – a unique and carefully thought out brand. It is through the use of this brand that their customers come to identify with them, and through this branding that they convey their key message across all of their marketing tools and materials.

What do we mean by branding?

Branding is the way that clients can connect and identify with your company. At a high-level, your branding consists of the design elements that set you apart from your competition. For instance, your company name, logo, and slogan are very distinctive of who you are. However branding goes much deeper than that. It remains important through every single touchpoint. You can even consider your use of color, fonts, imagery, and print material quality.

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Benefits of branding

Branding is the synergistic magic that happens when all of these elements are put together and marketed. Through the use of carefully branded photography, stunning videos and print materials, thoroughly thought-out branding creates a consistent identity that consumers will link uniquely to your company. This sets you apart from the others in creating a recognizable and memorable experience for them.

By developing a likable brand for your business you will build trust and drive authority, as well as building loyalty with your customers. Through correct brand positioning, you will be able to reap all of these benefits and achieve higher prices and repeat business for your services.

Why is consistent branding so important?

Developing a brand is one thing, but applying it clearly and consistently across all of your media is the key to a successful (and profitable!) brand identity. By using our memorable and strong branding elements such as professional photography, videos, and print material, you will be working to strengthen your brand identity. On the other hand, if your marketing materials, photography and print media don’t make a clear match with your brand identity, regardless of how beautiful they look, you will be creating a dissonance in the minds of your buyers.

Branding in the Real Estate World

It’s important to ensure that visual touchpoints your clients have with your business are in line with your company standards. In the real estate realm, these visual touchpoints are everywhere. They’re present in listing photos seen on MLS, to feature sheets handed out at properties. They’re present in property video production quality, and property listing signage.

Quality is Key

Poor resolution photos or flimsy stock on a feature sheet could harm your image. Do you want your business to come across as careless and cheap? In contrast, clear and crisp images on impressive stock for your feature sheets will leave a lasting impression. They reflect your services as a realtor as well. Sona Visual strives to deliver only high quality work to our clients. Therefore, we help them strengthen their brand and reputation as well. We pay close attention to the small details with every marketing piece. We know that all together they will develop your brand identity.

All successful businesses have a brand. And they use consistency in their styling to leverage it through their marketing tools and resources. Make the most of your own brand through thoughtful brand development and cohesive styling. This will create a consistent look and feel across the board. You will quickly discover the benefits and importance of consistent branding. It will drive awareness, boost your sales figures and improve customer loyalty.

Here at Sona Visual, we have the technology you need to improve your personal brand. Contact us to day to see how we can help you!