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Often, it’s the list of intangibles that make a city a great place to live. That’s why Airdrie’s population is swelling. Despite the growing population, Airdrie’s residents are quite young, the average age hovering at 32 years old. Thanks to the affordability of residential real estate in the area, young people are flocking to this northern bedroom community.

Affordability does not imply “low quality”, especially in a city like Airdrie. Airdrie’s residential properties are top of the line and are held up to a high standard, despite being $60,000 to $100,000 less than a Calgary home of the same size and quality. It’s easy to express the beauty of these affordable luxury homes using HDR photography. Thanks to our professional luxury real estate photographers, every nook and cranny of your Airdrie listing shines. Take it a step further and create a 3D Matterport virtual tour for your clients. These tours capture a property in detail and allow a future homebuyer to walk through the space as if they were actually there!

Our measurement and floor plans provide an overview of the flow of a house. Airdrie attracts new families who have recognized a need for additional rooms, which means that they will also require new furniture. Your clients will appreciate you adding professionally completed measurements and floor plans to your real estate marketing strategy. It gives them an insight to the types and sizes of furniture they need to fill their future home. You can even take it a step further and use our virtual staging services to show various styles of furniture that would work well with home features.

Our aerial photography services also offer a birds’ eye view of the home and the larger community. Anyone looking to live in family-friendly Airdrie is without a doubt searching for nearby schools and parks. Why not show them that these amenities are merely steps away?

Help your clients further by incorporating a profile video to introduce who you are. Purchasing a new home in Airdrie is a huge decision, and future homebuyers want to know they’re in good hands. To them, you’re not just an agent, you’re also their therapist and legalese translator. Show them the benefits of working with you!


Business Friendly Community

With a small town feel and big city amenities just minutes away, Airdrie really is the best of the both worlds. Located just north of Calgary, Airdrie is home to many parks that excite and intrigue both residents and travellers alike. Gwacheon Park, for example, displays six unique totem poles representing the sisterhood between Airdrie and Gwacheon, Korea. Meanwhile, Iron Horse Park is a mini representation of the Canadian Pacific Railway and Nose Creek Regional park is every fisherman’s dream. This progressive city is home to 29,000 people.


Affordable Living


Affordable Living

Thanks to Airdrie’s low taxes and relatively high-income residents, many different businesses over the years have been attracted to this community. Commercial properties in Airdrie provide a strong advantage to business owners with the absence of business tax.  From big box chains to smaller specialty shops, homebuyers have access to these wonderful amenities. The community boasts a strong entrepreneurial community, which can be demonstrated using expert real estate video tours. A professional HD video is sure to convince and convert customers on a visual level. Adding aerial views and community shots emphasize the business location and parking availability as well.

Given Airdrie’s younger, media-savvy population, you can’t go wrong with implementing high-quality media solutions into your real estate marketing strategy. Give us a call today and book our experts!