The Importance of Keeping Your Property Details Up To Date

One thing you can rely on is that human beings are apt to change their minds for what can often appear to be the most oblique reasons. You will already appreciate that the real estate market is a fickle environment and there is more than a slight chance that you will have experienced a few changed minds in the course of your business at some time or another.

The positive side of the duplicity of mind

While you could quite easily focus on the negative connotations that some of those changed minds may have had for your business such as withdrawals from the market or cancelled sales, there is a positive side too. Although the likelihood of you ever knowing it is fairly remote, there will be times when a buyer has effectively written off a specific property only to change their mind and go ahead with the purchase at a later date.

Some of the triggers

Getting inside the heads of your buyers isn’t an easy task but when you have been around real estate marketing and promotion for a while you can’t help but develop a kind of sixth sense. There are those occasions when you just knew that you were flogging a dead horse with a particular client and when they deliver the blow, it usually didn’t come as a surprise.

Homebuyers change their minds for a variety of often unfathomable reasons and quite a few of them are connected with the heart rather than the head. Sometimes something as simple as a different brochure picture, another view of a virtual tour, or spotting a feature they liked in a friend’s home that they missed before in your offering is all that it takes.

The profound effect of seasonal changes

You will no doubt be familiar with the power of visual media and its ability to communicate mood and trigger emotion through how it is used in your real estate marketing efforts. Curb appeal is everything when it comes to tempting potential buyers into booking a property viewing. A stunning view from outside of a house onto a sunny and clean street may be all that it takes to strike a chord. Likewise, even if Mother Nature is working against us it can still work to your advantage when your visual media depicts a cozy home with a roaring fire, soft rugs, and a warm inviting colour scheme.

A new view of an old landscape

As the seasons change different aspects of a home are likely to appeal to different prospective buyers. Apart from attracting new clients to your properties, seasonally updating your listing photography may be all that is needed to attract some of those buyers on your lists that previously dismissed the same property a few short months ago. Dark and light, sun and shade, and even a festive fall of snow have the potential to transform the picture that a property presents.

Updating your media with Sona Visual

Here at Sona Visual, we are expert in all aspects of property visual. Our professional media team is able to provide everything from Realtor Profile Videos to Matterport 3D Tours and Feature Sheet design and printing. We have a wealth of experience in high quality real estate photography, including aerial drone footage. Our services also include precision measuring, floor plans, and more.

Whatever you decide, the team here at Sona Visual have all of your real estate marketing media needs in one convenient place.

For more details of how our professional visual media services can provide a fresh new perspective to your real estate sales Contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable real estate marketing experts now.

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