Realtor Building a Brand or Being the Brand?

Despite whether you realize it or not, if you are in business as a realtor, you are already a brand. That has as much to do with the perception of your potential clients as it has to do with how your business views itself. Common perceptions tend to suggest that a brand is related to a product or service but this is not always the case as many people and their personalities are, in fact, the brand.

To brand or not to brand

Any company that is either starting out or reviewing their marketing strategy is in an ideal position to consider the above question. Should they promote their services or products as the brand or do they themselves strive to be the brand itself? Relators, in particular, are more likely to benefit from “being the brand” as they deal with a large cross-section of property types and individuals. Through a clear perception of their brand, clients will be more prone to trust them and place confidence in the properties that they are marketing.

So what components fit into your brand?

As we have pointed out already, your business is already being perceived in a certain way by those who are coming into contact with it. Whilst logos and “branding” have a strong part to play, your brand can also be a reflection of the total ethos of the business. Businesses that are serious about branding themselves also need to be asking questions about their goals in relation to the whole picture.

Being the brand is much more than deciding what colours to use in the company logo, it is about perception of how your potential clients see your business, and the impression that you are sending out. Just as individuals and groups have and express a personality, your business is doing the same. Your branding should also be planned and executed with your long-term goals and business aims firmly in mind.

Practicalities of being your brand

Whether a business chooses to brand itself or to make the brand about products/services, there will need to be some uniformity right across the board from signage and logos to the company website. Utilising a company that provides professional media service such as video and quality photography can make a huge difference to how successful your branding is. Just like the business itself, branding awareness is something that grows over time and this calls for consistency.

Personality into branding

Realtor profile videos are the ideal tool to put this “realtor personality” aspect across to your potential clients and Sona Visual is an expert in this field of brand creation and promotion.  You can discover exactly how such professional video profiling services will give your business the leading edge when you visit our website services page.

Utilising the best tools for building your brand

Sona Visual has the media skills and technology to help your business make the most of creating and maintaining a strong brand presence and awareness among your existing and potential clients. Through stunning photography and innovative video using drones, virtual tours, and matterport, we can create the perfect impression of your brand. From aerial photography and feature sheets to property floor plans, our team has the expertise that can make your brand strong and consistent.

It is a real-world fact that appearances really do count and your potential clients will make value judgements and form perceptions about your business based on their first impressions. You may only get the “one chance” to make that all important impression so it is crucial that your business utilises the best in top quality media services to increase and maintain brand awareness.

If you want to make the most of the opportunities that branding your business has to offer, you should contact one of our visual media specialists at your earliest possible convenience.


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