Professional versus Non Professional Photography

Professional photos are some of the most valuable assets a realtor can hold, but with a high resolution camera on most people’s phones it is becoming more of a challenge to make a case for hiring a photographer.

What most people don’t realize is that there is significantly more associated with good photography than just having a good camera. Finding the right photographer is can be a challenge, because the requirements for photography that can properly demonstrate a space are unique.

When it comes to showcasing a space, lighting poses the biggest challenge. Bringing in studio lighting would deliver suitable results, but is ultimately costly and inefficient. To light a space with flash – as many photographers will try to do – does not yield the best results. Flash photographs deliver highlights in the uneven areas, creates shadows, and as such does not present an accurate representation of the space.

HDR – or High Dynamic Range – photography is the best way to create appealing images that represent a space truest to how it looks to the human eye. By taking photos with multiple exposures and overlapping them, the results become stunning and demonstrate perfect lighting.

Layer this with the correct white balance considerations, and a wide angle lense and the feel for an entire room can be translated into a single photograph. These methods can be easily applied across the board to anything from tiny basement spaces to warehouses. An HDR photographer is trained in being efficient as well, so there is no slow process of moving lights in and out and around the home – the photographer just shows up and takes the necessary shots to create the best illustration.

It doesn’t stop just there. Professional photography does more than just make a space look well lit, it also evokes a sense of feel and environment. Because of its realistic lighting, the use of a wide angle lenses, and experience with shooting from the best perspective; rooms look bigger, brighter and more open than non professionally taken photographs. This gives the feeling of a more modern space.

The HDR feature is now common to many phone cameras, and while the feature operates under a similar principle, without the other ingredients – like wide angle lenses, a trained eye, and so forth – they will often turn out with an amateur feel to them.






Professional HDR photos are best highlighted when pinned up against photos that are not completed by the same process. The differences become very apparent, so if you take a look at these images, you will see just what a difference HDR makes – it will make your listing sing! So when your listing is positioned against other listings that a buyer might be looking at, the HDR images already give the space a leg up in appeal. They typically look far more professional in execution and tell viewers that the realtor is willing to go the extra mile.

If you are interested in booking an HDR photo shoot with us, send us a message! We would be happy to send a photographer out to show you just what an incredible technique this is, and what it can do for you!

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