The Importance of Branding Consistency

If you are a realtor, you are not just in the business of buying and selling property. What you actually have is a portfolio of services that are unique based on your personality and level of customer service. How you deliver the message about your unique offerings will be through strategic branding, aimed at your target market. You may have extensive knowledge and experience to offer your clients, but if presented poorly, there is potential that they would never know and you would lose the opportunity of capturing a lead.

Beyond selling the properties that you have listed on the market, what you are selling more importantly is your personality that you bring into your real estate services. How you let your potential clients get to know you before they even meet you is through your use of visuals and presentation. What you need is consistency across all of your visual deliverables and platforms to build the personality perception so potential clients can expect what it will feel like to work with you.

Selling in the visual age

People are bombarded with images all the time. From high definition TV to immersive cinema and 7 megapixel front facing phones, there is an awful lot to catch the eye these days. With that in mind, people automatically filter out what they find visually unattractive. This can happen quicker than the blink of an eye; in fact, it is often done subconsciously.

When the brain sees something it likes, it focuses the eyes on it. This gives the advertiser a fraction of a second to keep them there. As people are likely to flick between screens or pages very quickly, each image or visual design has to reinforce the others within your brand. Otherwise, the overworked modern brain thinks it’s been badly directed, and wants to move on.

The essentials of consistency

Making sure each project fits with the others is vital for establishing your brand identity.


Font is important in creating an overall feel. Suitable fonts can help demonstrate your personality and brand identity. For example, if you have a more traditional or conservative character, then a serif fonts is typically more fitting. Versus if you were to have a very innovative and forward thinking character, san serif suits that. Similarly, if your character is very casual and maybe even playful – handwritten script is a good pick.


The colour palette used in any visual product goes hand-in-hand with font consistency. Do you have consistent colour use with all of your printed materials, such as business cards, brochures, feature sheets? What about your digital presence, are you using the same colours on your website? When selling a property you may not have control of the style or décor of the listing, but you do have some flexibility with how the listing is packaged and presented.


Quality level consistency is the utmost important factor when developing a strong brand. If you have some properties that are photographed with a mobile phone and others that are professionally taken, your visual output will look unpredictable. Clients will see that your visual are inconsistent and you wouldn’t want to risk them thinking that about your services as well, would you?

Show your true self

In the line of work for Realtors when your personality is a unique value proposition to your services, it is often the case that the aesthetic consistency transfers from real life to business branding. The overall feel of your visual branding output should reflect the type of personality that comes with your services. That being said, the better you know yourself, the stronger your brand identity has the potential to be. Once you are comfortable in your own skin, then expanding this in a visual method with your business and marketing should feel natural and easy.

Quality and consistency is a key value to Sona Visual. We take pride in only delivering final products that are up to a certain level of quality, knowing that we want our clients to have the more professional and polished outputs. We are experts in developing consistent marketing tools across the board from feature sheets to photos to videos. To find out more about how to create a consistent visual offer, get in touch with our team so we can help you make an impact in the ever more competitive real estate market.

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