5 Benefits of Using Aerial Video and Photography for Real Estate

Whatever types of property you market and wherever they are located, there are plenty of arguments as to why you should consider adding Aerial Video and Photography to your marketing strategy. Thanks to the latest technologies and advancements in photographic methodology, getting a bird’s eye view of a property and its surroundings has never been more cost-effective. In the following article,we take a look at just five of the many benefits of using Aerial Video and Photography in real estate marketing.

Adding another dimension

Until fairly recently, the only way that your clients could have hoped to get an aerial view of the properties that you market would have been by hiring a helicopter and (air traffic permitting) flying over it. It goes almost without mention, of course, that no one in their right mind is likely to go to such expense to view a property that they don’t even own. One of the huge benefits of providing Aerial Photography and Video on the client’s behalf is that it allows them to take in the property and its surroundings as a whole without the aforementioned expense.

Putting things into context

Viewing a property in the context of its surroundings can only add to the buyer experience and it will provide a wider context of the neighbourhood and surrounding area. Using Aerial Photography and Video footage in conjunction with your conventional hard copy brochures and Virtual Tours will give your clients a holistic perception of how their potential new home fits into its surroundings. By highlighting the positives of the property and its neighbourhood as seen from above in the context of your existing marketing information, you will be able to present a clear and concise overview that could make all the difference between buying and passing over.

Keeping pace with the competition

Whether you decide to take advantage of all that Aerial Photography and Video have to offer your marketing efforts or not, you can be assured of one inescapable fact; your competitors will. One of the more obvious benefits afforded by this aspect of real estate marketing is that it will allow you to keep pace with a highly competitive marketplaceif not even to excel in it.

Using integrated technologies

Thanks to the very latest digital technologies and the use of state-of-the-art video and camera footage, the most stunning results can be created. Hours of footage can be transmitted between drones and our suite of editing equipment at the push of a button. Viewing raw footage and editing to obtain the very best end results has never been easier or more cost-effectivethanks to investments in the very latest equipment.

Speaking volumes about your business

No one is likely to argue that in the final analysis a book is still likely to be judged by its cover and that applies to both your finished marketing products and your business as a whole. By investing in the highly cost-effectivemedia of Aerial Photography and Video, you will be sending out the right messages to your potential customers.

Dealing with the aerial video and photography experts at Sona Visual

Here at Sona Visual,we have invested in the most up-to-date Aerial Photography and Video technologies to ensure that you receive the most outstanding results. We are expert in all aspects of cost-effective real estate visual marketing media.

Contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable real estate marketing experts today and discover how our stunning Aerial services can increase your real estate sales.


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