Attacking 2018 with a Visual Edge

What is the science behind visual marketing and how does it connect a potential buyer with a listing?

Over the past two decades, our society has shifted in a big way to becoming visually focused.  This really is no surprise given that we are a visual species to begin with.  Since the beginning, humans have relied on our colour enabled binocular vision to hone in on prey and ripe fruits.  As our culture and societies have developed, we have learned how to utilize our affinity for visual appeal in a way that encourages the decisions other people make.   A great deal of research has gone into just what appeals to people’s visual minds and the results often lead to carefully calculated marketing campaigns.

It truly isn’t rocket science, though.  If you can make something look visually appealing, you already have a leg up.  The real key is to approach your subject matter from as many different angles as possible.  Once upon a time, a few well lit photos of a property listing may have been enough to book a viewing.  But as you add more players to the game, things have to get creative.

Let’s start with the visual appeal of photography.  Traditional photographs – even the best thought out and well executed ones – do not necessarily provide the viewer with an accurate representation of a space.  The human eye views the world and perceives interior spaces much differently than that of a camera.  This is where HDR comes in.  A method of photography that layers a range of lighting scenarios with an end result much closer to that which is perceived by the eye.  This not only makes the image more accurate, but also more visually appealing and relatable.

Whatever draw a photograph has is multiplied a hundred fold in the format of a video presentation.  Video has the ability to trigger more senses than just the visual.  Not only can it give potential buyers a visual representation of a property, but it also can give them a feel.  Relaxing pans, appropriate music, and just the right amount of information can make someone feel excited about a property in a way that is much more accessible than a photograph could ever provide.

One step further and people can tour a space and view details about it without leaving the comfort of their own home.  Cue Matterport – a technology that combines the visual appeal of video with a virtual walk-ability.  Viewers can go a step further in this world by interacting with the tour they are watching, walking through the house as if they were there, and clicking on some of the details of the space to learn more about what is notable.  Not only are you providing the viewer with a stunning visual representation, but you are also giving them the luxury of convenience.


By being able to reach your viewers on a level that makes the most sense for them and their lives, it is far more possible to leave a lasting impression.

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