The Value Of Video




In case you haven’t noticed, here at Sona Visual, we love statistics! We love them even more when they apply to both our business… and yours. Think of ‘the consumer’ as your clients (prospective buyers & sellers) , and the ‘product’ as the homes you’re listing for them, via video. We’ll be honest though, there are still only a select number of those who have chosen to see the value in using this type of media – and while we understand that being a real estate professional is a competitive feat and most probably want to leave us as their best kept secret… the information alone found here is definitely worth sharing with colleagues. Videos help build trust, relationships & credibility. And this is what the real estate industry is all about, no?

Comment, e-mail or share this post – let’s partner together to make 2014 a year of advancement in the quality of marketing that this industry is capable of. Time to put these statistics to work!

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